How The Universe Got Its Spots – Diary Of A Finite Time In A Finite Space Janna Levin 2002 Anchor Books


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” Truth is, we just don’t know the curvature of spacetime. And we don’t know how big it is.”

This physic excitedly demands rereading and reconsideration- the inherent truths actually a dynamic flux for most minds. We tend toward less hypothetical and more concrete states. When mathematics is the basis of the topological models in cosmology, these challenges are magnified. We are not simply required to apprehend measurable factors at the power of 10 to the minus 29. We are to reconcile the compact Klein bottle ?

That a musician boyfriend finds himself existentially irrelevant seems hardly surprising- he is not part of any apparent algorithm of Levin’s obsessive world. This mode of thinking is intellectually ascendant , deplete of the ordinariness that characterises the stuff of relationship. Poor old Warren is a bit lost in the back room, and worried a lot by triangles.

Levin’s laying out of the historical narrative of cosmology toward considering whether the horizon is finite or not is a vital and personal address. Topographical musings are the endgame, and these combinations and permutations can be confusing- particularly when dipolar’ what ifs’ colour these theoretical workings, the stuff of her career. Paradoxes variously burgeon and involute our minds , and then another uncertainty is posed.

Levin is an energetic educator, her Ted Talk coincidently relevant today with the recent detection of black hole gravity emissions.

PS I Hear Warren ends up happy, re emergent  on a Mobius strip ?


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